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          When angel Gabriel told Virgin Mary that she is going to conceive, Mary was a bit disturbed of how it is going to happen, the angel told her about her barren cousin Elizabeth who conceived for nothing is impossible to God. Upon hearing that, Mary believed and went to her cousin Elizabeth to greet her. (Luke  1: 36: 40)

           Inspired by the graces extended by God to Zacarias and Elizabeth who are both worthy in the sight of God by giving them a gift of a child and also Mary, the highly favored one for the Lord is with her. The couple, in one of their usual rosary prayer prayed sincerely with faith that they too be blessed with a child after three(3) years of marriage and it happened. They name it also after the son of St. Elizabeth- JOHN combined with some of the letters from their name DAREN. From then on, St. John was chosen by the owner to be the name of their establishments and business in order to remember all the time the graces and gift that God has given to the family.

          From the word JOHN –gift of God, Hebrew JOHANAN meaning God is gracious and His graciousness was manifested by His gift of a child to the family. The owner not only that they would like to impart and remember always the graces they have received and the goodwill of the name St. John but most of all to share the miracle of prayer, faith and happy feeling of how it is to received such gift not only for a gift of a child but for the many gifts they received as God constantly extends His graces to the family with hope and prayer that eventually every guest of St. John will also be blessed with whatever his/her heart desires- a gift of child, faith, love, peace and abundance.


The beginning


         It all started with St. John van rental in 2009. Very lucky indeed, a year after, in 2010, St. John Penthauz in Puerto Princesa was established. The owner and her sister opened some upper portion or rooms of the house to cater budgetted guest, travellers and backpackers.

            In 2012, two years after, God again extended another grace to the family and was able to acquire small lot in El Nido, Palawan. A year thereafter in 2013, through constant prayer, St. John Island View Pensionne in El Nido was initially constructed and little by little realized in the same year and became initially operational January of 2014. All was established through God’s grace.


The Mission


          To bring happiness to our valued guest/s by giving honest and excellent quality of service. We would like to be known and remember as NICE- Nurturing, inexpensive, clean and environment friendly. May God be praised forever in our service of proclaming His glory.


St. John Island View Pensionne 


          St. John Island View Pensionne is nestled in the heart of Corong-Corong, El Nido, Palawan. It is just in the middle of the town and other resort that offers different amenities. Near the market and terminal, only a minute walk to the beach.

St. John Island View is a newly constructed three (3) storey building with 11 Air conditioned rooms, it has a perfect view of the Sunset and beautiful islands. A very peaceful and nature friendly location. Perfect for relaxation and fun as well.


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